Monday, 29 July 2013

Why 5 year olds shouldn't run dating sites

At five Maggie is a treasure trove of quotes, tips and words of (unique) wisdom. So much so that friends suggested I make a record of her sayings, which led to a Tumblr blog; Things Maggie Says

Sometimes though our conversations run to more than a quote. Today for instance she wanted to question me about what I guess could be termed Plan B should I ever want to look for a new man.
"Mummy, what would you say if another man asked you to marry him?
"I'd say no because I'm married to daddy."
"But what if he was handsomer than daddy?"
"I would still say no"
"What if you and daddy broke up? Who would you want to ask you to marry them?"
" about Damian Lewis?"
"Eurgh! Nooooo!! I hate him!"
"Do you know who Damian Lewis is?"

Later I show her a picture of Damian Lewis,
"Nope, too weird."
Richard Armitage perhaps?
David Tennant?
"That's the Doctor! You can't marry the Doctor! Shall I find someone for you Mummy?"
I give her my tablet then wait (im)patiently,

So the man my daughter thinks I should consider as a second husband?

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Might not put Plan B into action quite yet then.


  1. but what;s wrong with the doctor?????

  2. She loves the Doctor but apparently he wouldn't make a suitable husband for me! I guess technically he's married to River although not as Ten. Anyway my suggestion was laughable :-/

  3. Thanks Sarah (accepted on behalf of Maggie! ;-)) xx

  4. Robbie Rotten? Oh dear no. Sportacus however? I could tolerate being married to him ;)

  5. Haha! I know a few people who share that opinion but tight lycra just doesn't do it for me!