Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Elf on the Shelf; The Adventures of Eddie and Cedric - Part One

December in our house signals elf on a shelf time aain. Our elves aren't spies and don't report back to the North Pole, they are here for fun. Eddie arrived three years ago with a letter from Father Christmas explaining he was keen and meant well but tended to make a mess so it was decided he should come to our house to help make Christmas fun rather than being on toy making or reindeer care duty. Cedric actually belonged to me when I was a little girl (and lived with my grandparents before that) but last year Father Christmas decided Eddie would like a friend so used his North Pole magic to turn him into a Christmas elf too.
As luck would have it I came down with a horrible bout of flu at the start of December but thankfully my fourteen year old, Lorna took on the job of arranging elf mischief before I was able to take over. Here are their adventures so far this year;

1st December - Eddie and Cedric brought Maggie her Playmobil advent calendar and a letter thanking her for looking after them during the year when they are "just" toys.

2nd December - I'm a Celebrity Elf - Get Me Out of Here!

3rd December - we awoke to find them stuck on top of the curtains.

4th December - a joint effort by Lorna and Connie meant the elves could be fairies for a while.

5th December - den building with the cushions from the sofa. Arthur the Playmobil elf joined in the fun.

6th December - popcorn and a Christmas film (Elf of course.)

7th December - Snakes and Ladders

8th December - Strictly Come Dancing. The minion was a particularly generous judge!

9th December - pin the nose on Rudolph

10th December - their attempt to help decorate didn't quite go to plan.

11th December - my brother and his fiancee sent a request to Eddie and Cedric and so this was for them;  Score Tonight from Grease 2 - elf style!

12th Dec - they decided the Christmas tree needed something more - and that something was socks!

13th December - a calmer night, they read Christmas stories to some festive friends.

14th  December - Snowball fight!!!

15th December - The elves version of Titanic. Eddie taking on the role of Rose ensures there is no space for poor Jack/Cedric. Maggie obviously hasn't seen the film but liked them playing shipwrecks.

16th - Elfie selfies!

Part Two to follow....

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