Friday, 17 May 2013

Blossom and bottoms

Yesterday we finally had a bit of sunshine so decided to walk across the fields on the way home from school. We moved house in January and being able to take this route is a pleasure but with the weather being so awful we haven't walked this way as often as I'd have liked.
Maggie picked some flowers (mostly dandelions), checked out the blossom on the trees and insisted on posing in the photos I was taking of the views.

There were cows in the next field and I wondered how she'd react. When she was younger she was petrified of even the word 'cow', we had to sing about the horse jumping over the moon and mooing was enough to make her sob. So it was with some trepidation that we approached them, particularly as a few were very close to the path. She was holding my hand and I could feel her tension so I chatted to her calmly, told her to walk sensibly, and breezily chatted to the cows as we passed.
Once we neared the stile she relaxed and so I suggested we took a photo. Unfortunately at that moment the cows took it on themselves to walk away and I joked we didn't want a picture of cows' bottoms.
Later she told me she'd like to walk this way more often "so we can see the cows' bottoms again!" as that was her favourite part of the walk. Next time maybe I should take a photo.

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