Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Snakes on a spring table

So it's half term and as usual (so it seems) I've been ill for the first part of it with a chest infection virus-y thing.
Today though I felt a bit better and so finally managed to make a spring table with Maggie.  Admittedly it is almost summer but as it feels like autumn I figure we can allow a little leeway with our seasonal tables.
Now if you search for 'spring tables' on Pinterest you will undoubtedly find Waldorf inspired masterpieces. I dream of having such beauty in our house. However, as we have a shelf high above the television with a garden ornament squirrel inherited from my great aunt on it, such wishes for understated good taste seem futile.
It started well, we gave the Grimm's Rainbow pride of place and found the little Ostheimer rabbit and a tree. Then we added a couple of books, the mint plant Maggie had grown at school and some spring flowers we'd picked in the garden. Connie found a nest on a woodland path the other day so we put that in front of the rainbow. Maggie thought it needed some birds and luckily we had some pink and blue chicks left over from Easter so they found a new home. This is when my dreams of a tasteful table began to fade. She decided we needed a mummy bird, so we looked in the box of toy figures. No mummy bird was found but she did find lots of other toys that apparently no spring table could do without.
The Littlest Pet Shop caterpillar and butterfly were fine for the theme, the pink cat less so, "but Mummy, they're best friends."
It was not long before they were joined by the most mismatched herd of cows in the history of farming, a wooden snake and its baby (a soft snake from Ikea), a small plastic frog and two racing snails. And what spring table isn't complete without a mother dinosaur and her baby hatching from an egg? Our work of art was completed by the careful placing of a plastic fairy I think came from McDonalds and her faithful hare/rabbit (I'm not sure which but the ears suggest hare).
It's unlikely to feature on Pinterest any time soon but she had fun and at least when the cat invariably jumps up there and destroys the entire display I won't be too disappointed.

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